Veteran Motorsports Writer Al Pearce of Newport News, Va., just completed Kyle Petty’s Charity Ride Across America that started in California and ended in Level Cross, N.C., at the Victory Junction Gang Camp. Pearce has participated in all 16 of the motorcycle rides and contributed a considerable sum to Petty’s charitable efforts.

“It was no worse or no better than any of the 15 others,” said Pearce, “and I’ll tell you why. There are just so many different highways and roads you take. I’m sure some there for the first time didn’t see it that way.”

Besides Pearce, others on this ride who have competed in all 16 are former NASCAR Sprint Cup driver Harry Gant; motorcycle dealer Don Tilley; John Manaforth; Rene and Dave Bartels; Diane Baldwin, wife of motorcycle dealer Click Baldwin (who was killed in an accident last year); and Darrell Andrews and Linn Sherrill, who work for NASCAR Sprint Cup teams. Of course, Kyle Petty and his wife Patti have been on all 16 rides, too.

Veteran public relations professional Marti Romp, 67, passed away May 16 at her home in Traverse City, Mich. She was a forerunner for women in the motorsports industry, having worked for Michigan and Atlanta speedways as director of public relations at both tracks after working for daily newspapers in Adrian, Mich., and Coldwater, Mich. She then went to work for Ford, handling the company’s truck series efforts before retiring from the Wood Brothers Racing team. She is survived by her daughter Kathie, sons Michael and Mark, and four grandchildren. No services were held, at her request. Contributions may be made to the Victory Junction Gang Camp in Level Cross, N.C.