RCR and Kevin Harvick Announce Contract Extension – In the first press conference of the day held in the Time Warner Media Center, Richard Childress Racing team owner Richard Childress and driver Kevin Harvick announced a multi-year contract extension for Harvick to continue driving the No. 29 Chevrolet. No details of the contract were released.

Childress stated that both he and Harvick knew what they wanted to do; it was just a matter of working out all the details.

“We are very excited to have Kevin back,” said Childress. “He has written a lot of history for RCR. When we lost Dale (Earnhardt) in 2001, I don’t know of any driver that could have stepped in under the pressure and handled it the way he did. We will always be grateful. To have him come back and re-sign again….we are excited about it. I know there will be questions about sponsors, and we have three or four companies that we are dealing with now. I hope in the very near future we will have that to announce. But the key thing is to have Kevin back. He is a top driver in this series, and to have him in our group of drivers is just unbelievable.”

Harvick is glad that they were finally able to get all of the details worked out.

 “I think, for us,” Harvick said, “it was great to put away all of the questions that I knew there were. I know I have been quiet about the way we have gone about everything. But I felt pretty good about everything we talked about between Richard and myself. The last time we were doing this, I didn’t do things very well. I think that, this time, I did things the right way. I remember a lot of ups and downs as an organization and a team. We are positioned as well as we have ever been to race for a championship. This year, with Scott Miller taking over the competition role, the ECR engines and the chassis shop – and everybody, and all our partners, starting late summer last year, it’s been an incredible turnaround. The attitude, the morale, the people that have been around a long time – those are the things that you want to work with when you are trying to put out the best effort for years and years and years. To be able to race for a championship this year has been our goal and an accomplishment so far. We want to run for championships every year, obviously.”