Pat Tryson (No. 56 NAPA Auto Parts Toyota crew chief) “It was a great night for the NAPA Auto Parts Toyota. You know there is trouble back in there in traffic. We started back in traffic there in both races. He [Truex] slowly worked his way up there. We took two tires there a couple of times in the second one. Once you got to clean air, you could be really fast. We didn’t get the clean air there until the last couple of laps. We might have had a shot at it, but it’s all good. We have to keeping running like this every week now, and we’ll be in good shape. The last few weeks have been really good. It’s taken a little while to get adjusted…to get used to Martin and these cars. So we’re starting to figure some things out. We just need to get better and better every week.”

Tony Gibson (No. 39 Tornados Chevrolet crew chief) – “I don’t really understand what they were thinking. We were running third there, behind the 48 [Johnson], and he spins and we go across the line, and in my opinion, third. NASCAR comes back and says ‘no, you are behind the 71 [Labonte], and line up eighth.’ I don’t understand that or where it comes from. But I’m not going to argue because that doesn’t do any good. I thought we had a shot at it there at the end. But it just wasn’t meant to be. We learned a lot tonight. We didn’t have a great car, but we had an OK car. Track position was everything. There, when he [Newman] got clean air, the car was pretty good. I just wish we could have restarted third where we should have been. I think it would have been a different story. We can’t do anything about it now.”

Doug Randolph (No.71 Chevrolet crew chief) – “This team is working really hard. We’re struggling right now, and we need any good news. The pit crew did an awesome job this week in the pit crew challenge and gave us a little momentum. We struggled tonight, but we persevered, overcame and let other people make mistakes. To come out of here with a 10th-place finish is really good for our team. We are trying to get the momentum ball rolling, and anything we can get right now, we’re going to take. We have a great partner in TaxSlayer, and they were here tonight. We learned some stuff. It was like a two-day test. Obviously, we had to make a lot of changes tonight on the race car, and, as usual, most of those don’t work. But we learned some things that maybe we can come back next week with a better piece.”