Pick A Winner An informal survey of reporters in the Charlotte Motor Speedway Media Center Friday afternoon turned up a few obvious choices for potential winners, a few longshots, and a few laughs. Here are their picks:

Jenna Fryer                      Associated Press                          Kyle Busch

Tom Jensen                      SPEED.com                                 Kyle Busch

Mike Hembree                  SPEED.com                                 Carl Edwards

Al Pearce                          AutoWeek                                     Kyle Busch

Kenny Bruce                     SceneDaily.com                           Martin Truex Jr.

Kris Johnson                     NASCAR Illustrated                      Carl Edwards

Lee Spencer                     FOXSports.com                            Kyle Busch

Reid Spencer                    Sporting News                              Carl Edwards

Jim Utter                           The Charlotte Observer                Kyle Busch

Ron Green Jr.                   The Charlotte Observer                Kyle Busch

Scott Fowler                      The Charlotte Observer                Carl Edwards

David Scott                       The Charlotte Observer                Jimmie Johnson

Amy Henderson                Frontstretch.com                          Jimmie Johnson

Nate Ryan                         USA Today                                   Dale Earnhardt Jr.

Monte Dutton                    Gaston Gazette                             Juan Pablo Montoya

David Newton                   ESPN.com                                    Dale Earnhardt Jr.

Viv Bernstein                     The New York Times                    Dale Earnhardt Jr. will get the white                           flag, then Rapture

Thomas Pope                   The Fayetteville Observer            Dale Earnhardt Jr.

Lewis Franck                    Reuters                                         Dale Earnhardt Jr.

Jonathan Ingram               RacingToday.com                        Kevin Harvick

Dustin Long                       Landmark Newspapers                Carl Edwards