Real Housewife at CMS You know it’s a big event when a housewife is there. Gretchen Rossi, one of the stars of Bravo’s hit reality series “Real Housewives of Orange County” is making the rounds at Charlotte Motor Speedway before the NASCAR Sprint All-Star Race. She and boyfriend Slade Smiley attended the driver’s meeting, toured the garage area and will sit atop Martin Truex Jr.’s pit box during the NASCAR Sprint All-Star Race before winding down in Speedway Motorsports Inc. Chairman Bruton Smith’s suite.

In Charlotte for an appearance Friday night at Dale Earnhardt Jr.’s club, Whisky River, Rossi drew plenty of attention as she entered the driver meeting Saturday afternoon. Dressed in Daisy Dukes and a tight white tank top, Rossi said she was a lifelong race fan who was thrilled to be at Charlotte Motor Speedway for her first NASCAR Sprint Cup race.

“My dad competed in the Baja 1000,” Rossi said, “and has developed a steering stabilizer for motocross, so I’ve grown up in a motorsports world. I grew up riding dirt bikes. I really enjoy this world. I love being part of it. I really just want to get out on that track and kick all these guys’ (butts) right now.”

Despite her eagerness, Rossi said she never competed as a dirt bike racer but still loves riding on two wheels, especially the 700-pound Harley-Davidson sitting in her garage.

“Really, she’s always looking for ways to get dirty,” Smiley said with a laugh.

Making an Appearance New York Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez was milling around the back of the driver meeting … Carolina Panthers running back DeAngelo Williams was expected to attend the NASCAR Sprint All-Star Race.

Allison: Boys, Race Clean One of the original participants in the NASCAR fight seen ’round the world, Bobby Allison, has a surprising take on NASCAR’s new “boys, have at it” stance: He’s against it.

Allison, his brother Donnie and Cale Yarborough have become well known for their fisticuffs following the 1979 Daytona 500, the first race televised live from flag to flag. But he said there should be no need for any fighting if the drivers just race the way they’re supposed to.

“I never thought it was supposed to be ‘boys, have at it,’” Allison said. “I always thought you should race hard and close but be fair and clean. Recently the press and even some competitors have said there’s a time to get even, but I think you should race clean and hard.”

Pennzoil Ultimate Victory Challenge Winner Kasey Kahne: “It’s fun, and it’s entertaining. You try and make a lot of smoke. To have someone ride along with you is pretty cool. Pennzoil does a great job. Anything you can do for charity is always great. It’s a fun little hour we spend. It’s cool. I haven’t really thought of anything different to do. I just try to do the basics. We just spun around and made some smoke. But there wasn’t a whole lot of thought put into that.”