NASCAR and Activision Announce ‘Drive for the Cover’ Campaign

In the first press conference held today in the Charlotte Motor Speedway media center, officials from NASCAR and Activision announced a new program that will allow race fans the chance to vote for the driver who will be featured on the cover of the new version of NASCAR - The Game – Inside Line video game.

In making the announcement Blake Davidson, vice president of licensing for NASCAR, explained the ‘Drive for the Cover’ program.

“When we first sat down with Activision, we thought just how involved the fans are in the sport.” said Davidson. “And how we could get them even more involved. Obviously, this is one of the most interactive things we do. Every year we are asked by the teams, drivers and the sponsor, ‘How do you get on the cover?’ We get a lot of fan feedback on that. So what better way than to pit drivers against each other? It happens every single weekend on the track, so what about off the track. The ‘Drive for the Cover’ campaign would be a great way to get fans to determine who gets on the cover every year.”

The voting will feature brackets, with a one driver pitted against another, and fans vote for who they want to advance. After seven weeks, the drivers receiving the most votes will advance, bracket style until a winner is selected. Fans can vote one time per day.

NASCAR driver Joey Logano was on hand to talk about the game. “I think it would be pretty cool.” said Logano, “As a gamer myself, I love playing them. My friends and I still play them when we can. We have fun with that. Anytime a new game comes out, as a driver, you’re excited about it. And see how it’s going to be. They did an amazing job last year with the looks of it. It’s impressive. Then to be on the cover of it, I think is everybody’s dream from a child growing up, to be on the cover of a video game.”

Race fans can vote for their favorite driver by going to the NASCAR The Game Facebook page.