In the second press conference on Friday afternoon in the Time Warner Media Center, NEXTEL Cup Series driver Kyle Busch announced the formation of the Kyle Busch Foundation for children with special needs.

"This foundation is not necessarily for kids with disabilities but more for children who are living in foster homes," Busch said. "Everybody has been a kid at one point in their life so we can all relate to them. To me, it's pretty special to be able to help those kids out because they didn't choose to be in that kind of situation."

Busch said he got the idea of forming a foundation after paying a visit to St. Johns Home in Michigan which he said was a life-changing experience.

"I saw a lot of kids who were really grouped together and didn't have a lot of privacy and things like toys or their own closet space," Busch said. "I'm just trying to help children across the country by raising a little bit of money for them."