Bandolero Bandits: Summer Shootout regular Nicholas Stroupe continued his dominance of the Bandolero Bandits division, winning the first of two Bandits features tonight on the frontstretch quarter-mile. Stroupe beat a hard-charging Dillon Bassett with Stephen Bergh, Jr., Kyle Plott and Davey Matthews following.

The second Bandolero Bandits feature saw Jordan Stillwell jump out front at the green flag. Stillwell led every lap to take the victory over Evan Bell, Kyle Benjamin, Bodie Bellinger and Corey Gordon.

Clay Hair was the class of the field in the RACEceiver Legends Masters event, taking the lead on lap two and pulling away for the victory. George "Cotton" Spry was second with Jan Ingram, Mark Moskowitz and Todd Johnson rounding out the top five.

Thomas Hartensveld, Jr., a native of Ringwood, N.J., took the trophy in the RACEceiver Legends Pro division. Cole Miktuk, Mitchell Coble, Kyle Fowler and Tyler Green, son of NASCAR driver Mark Green, took home second through fifth.

The RACEceiver Legends Cars and Bandoleros will be back in action Thursday, May 24, on the frontstretch quarter-mile.