Randy Probst (third, No. 22 K-PAX Racing LLX/Jim Haughey/Porsche 911 GT-3):"Pretty exciting first couple of laps. Andy and I ran hard for a long time. About two-thirds of the way through, I had a real bad vibration. I was worried about the championship picture, so I backed off a little."

Andy Pilgrim (No. 8 XM/Mobil1/Motorola/Bose/Cadillac CTS-V): "We ran as hard as we could. We used up a lot of brake. That's why my foot was burned up. A lot of the guys that normally run up front had problems. We'll take it any way we can get it. We knew we had a good car. We knew brake fade would be our only issue. Three times cars were spun sideways on that back chicane. This one was a tough one. We were hoping for a top five. But, we got the win for Cadillac. I was pushing so hard on the brake that my foot was burning up. We're very happy. I like the way they did the course. Getting through traffic was horrendous."

Lawson Aschenbach (No. 1 XM/Mobil1/Motorola/Bose/Cadillac CTS-V): "We were pretty upset with our qualifying. We got in the field. Knew we had a pretty good race car. The main thing was keeping my nose clean. The big thing is how amazing team Cadillac is. We had to get after them and try to get second. Everything is great."