Ryan Pemberton (crew chief, No. 01 U.S. Army Chevrolet): "It was really frustrating. It's just frustrating to run 11th; after being so diligent and patient, and the way Mark [Martin] handles everything. Just disappointing to be 11th after all that, you know, pay your dues and all that. I'm just really upset right now that it wound up like that. We got a good car and brought it home. It could have been different. We could have been in any one of those big wrecks, and I would have been home a long time ago watching this on TV. This whole team is great and capable of doing a lot of good things. And, once again, I think we showed we are capable of having a good finish."

Mike Ford (crew chief, No. 11 FedEx Chevrolet): "This was like any other race. We did come home with a top-10. Yeah, you're a little frustrated, but that's what we had. Heck, last week we were on the wrecker. We're happy to run top-10 here at Charlotte. We feel like this is not our strongest race track as a team. So, you hate a fuel-mileage races. There is no glory in winning a fuel-mileage race, other than saying you didn't run hard and we're saving fuel. You know, that's not our race. It's disappointing to give up spots that way. It's how some of them call the race. This was our only shot, and it fell into their hands. I haven't really had a good handle on this track. We‘re pretty happy with the way we performed. I think that's the first time all three cars [Joe Gibbs Racing] have been in the top-10. Real happy about that. It was a good night all around."

Tony Gibson (crew chief, No. 8 Budweiser Chevrolet): "We had a top-two car, I thought, all night, maybe top-three. It's not good, but you will have guys that do that, running a second slower than you are. They are easy on fuel. They are not burning fuel. So, it worked out for them. It may work out for us some other time. We'll take it. We had a great run tonight. Nobody can take that from us. We are pleased with way everything came out. The pit crew was awesome. Junior was on his game. We had the flat tire and had to recover. Nobody panicked and stayed calm. It worked out good and we're happy. I know eighth isn't where we needed to be. We had a top-two or -three car and we know that. We're going to use this and build on it and go on. It's a tribute to Tony [Eury] Jr. He has built a great team, and Dale Jr. trusted us to do it and run with it. So, I give everything to him. He's the one who put this team together and got faith in us. We're going to rock on."

Greg Zipadelli (crew chief, No. 20 Home Depot Chevrolet): "We didn't have a great practice yesterday. The heat and the slickness of this place; we just kind of quit early, and kind of put our car close to where we were for the all-star race with some more adjustments in it. Everybody did a good job tonight. We were off a little on our fuel mileage tonight. We didn't feel we could make it. We were two-and-a-half laps short. That's the problem, you run so fast, you get the worst fuel mileage. That's part of racing. You want to come here and race all day, and try and put ourselves in position for a top-10, and then hopefully a top-five by the end of the day. Coming into it, I would have been excited to finish sixth because we haven't been that good here the last three years. We were probably a second- or third-place car at the worst. It's a little disappointing."

Bill Wilburn (crew chief, No. 45 Coke Zero Dodge): "It was really good. We felt like we should have run this way at Texas until we had a mechanical failure. He has not been bad on the mile-and-a-half tracks and two-mile tracks. We just hadn't got to show it yet. Obviously, there was some attrition that played into our favor. We missed all that. We made up a lap against the best cars at Charlotte. I feel like we did a great job. Kyle drove a great race and gained some points. So, we should really be able to secure ourselves in the top 35 with tonight's run. Some of the guys we were racing had some trouble. We put some ground on them. We opened that gap in 35th. Now, we can start being aggressive and looking forward."