Bus Race Results

The school bus race was highlighted by a last lap three-wide battle for the top spot as Dirty Dan The Fan took the lead on lap eight of the 10-lap event and was able to hold on for the win. Nine buses took the green flag as frammin' and bammin' was the order of the night.

Several times the buses got three wide trying to pass on the tight quarter-mile oval.

"It was fun,"said Dan. "The one rule was stay off the grass. We were trying to race aggressively and go for the lead, three wide into turn one and into turn three, it was a challenge. But we did it. We did keep off the grass. We left that to the Crash Car guys. How about that: passing for the lead with two laps to go with the hood up in my face. Smoke up in my face. Come on, what's better; Dirty Dan."

Top Three Finishers
1- Dirty Dan The Fan
2- Mad Matt
3- Boz Daugherty

‘BIG SHOW' WINS CRASH CAR RACE: In Thursday night's CRASHCar Trailer Race of Destruction,' Monroe's Kenneth ‘Big Show' Aeese scored the victory in a rather wild event. The cars in the race had to pull a trailer carrying something like a port-a-john, washing machine, barbeque grill around behind them.

Most of the cars returned following the race with nothing but a trailer hitch, much to the delight of the crowd in attendance.
"I love it," Aeese said. "Having fun is what it's all about. It was wild."

Top Three Finishers
1. Kenneth Aeese --  "Big Show"
2. Jerry White - "White Boy"
3. Walter Pecora - "Krashy the Klown"