Continued from Pit Note 5

Jarrett also said that what he was doing was best for Michael Waltrip Racing. "When I came here it was to help Michael and Buffy, and to help everyone at Michael Waltrip Racing develop their program, and to help Toyota develop their program. And I had to think about what was best for them at this point in time. As we move this forward, we have got a lot of young guys coming to talk about today and it's time we do that. They are the future of Michael Waltrip Racing, and I am not. So, it's time for me to make this decision. I am good with it and looking forward to it."

Jarrett informed UPS the company should put Reutimann in the car as his replacement. "I'm really happy but I'm kind of bummed-out at the same time," said Reutimann. "I started this year and didn't really know what this year would hold for me. I started driving the Aaron's Dream Machine, that's what I was supposed to do. And then Michael said ‘Hey, you want to go Cup racing?' And I said yea. We have had our ups and downs this year, but I had Dale Jarrett as a teammate and Michael Waltrip as a car owner. To come here today for this - Dale Jarrett basically helped me get this opportunity. He has put his blessing on this. I have got to thank him for that. I'm going to be disappointed he won't be my teammate."

Reutimann also said that when he puts on the UPS brown, it won't be the first time he has worn it. "I have raced my entire life," said Reutimann. "I have never had another job but racing. During the off season, it wasn't hard to figure out if I wasn't racing, there would be no food. Our local UPS guy said, ‘well hey, how about coming and helping us during the winter months during peak season?' So, I was a helper but never drove a UPS truck, but I worn brown and sat in the seat next to the driver. I think I will be looking more forward to the brown this time around. I have to thank UPS for this opportunity. I think they are one of the best sponsors in the garage."

It was also announced that Michael Waltrip Racing had taken on a partner. Rob Kauffman, a principle owner of the Fortress Investment Group, had acquired 50 percent interest in the company.

It was also announced that Michael Waltrip racing had hired Josh Wise and Michael McDowell for their driver development program. The team plans to have three Cup teams and at least one Busch Series team for the 2008 season.