COT CAUSES LITTLE CHANGE: One of the biggest questions going into Saturday night's Sprint All-Star Challenge is whether the new "Car of Tomorrow" will cause any major changes, especially with the addition of 10 extra laps.

JEFF HAMMOND (Fox Sports color commentator): "I don't think it's going to change a whole lot. The biggest thing is these guys getting more confidence in these new cars here and their ability. I think if anything these cars are going to become more of a pushing machine than we've ever seen before because these guys aren't afraid to rough it up. These guys aren't afraid to rough it up because you can't cave in the sides of the car like you used to if you get into the side of another car. The bumpers don't seem to get as messed up if you get into another car because the bumpers are lined up so even to one another. A lot of the times with the old car you'd knock the grille in if you got into another guy. That's the one benefit I see of the new car over the old one. The new car is almost like a battle tank compared to the old one. With these drivers feeling like they're encased in a tank, I think they're going to feel more bulletproof than they ever have before."

JACK ROUSH (Team owner at Roush Fenway Racing): "I think the biggest difference in tomorrow night's race is the fact that these guys aren't racing for points. Secondly, the cars that will be used Saturday night are not the same cars that the teams will race next weekend in the Coca-Cola 600. I think the normal way is that the moon will be full and it's going to be some white-knuckled racing. That's going to be the way it's going to be tomorrow so I think with no points on the line it's going to be the same racing as it has been in year's past."