Pole winner Kyle Busch, driver of no. 18 M&Ms Toyota - "You know with the Craftsman Truck Series pole earlier today, and of course this right now means so much. I was probably the most nervous I have ever been in a race car getting ready to go out there for qualifying here today. Not really knowing what to expect, knowing that we had a great race car, knowing if we didn't hit our marks and did everything right - myself, the pit crew, the car. And have it all turn out. Fortunately for me, I thought I messed up, but I came out of it okay on the clean end. So, I'm proud to be here tonight. Man, momentum is everything in this sport, I guess. When you feel like everything is on your side, it keeps going that way. So, fortunately, I've got a great team behind me that withstands everything that happens off the race track. And I've got a bunch of strong guys both mentally and physically. So, we are out there to do our best, to perform at our maximum. And whatever that gives us on a given day, we get, and so far today it was obviously the top spot qualifying for tomorrow's race, the All-Star Race. You know, hopefully, we can actually come out of that on top again. We want to be able to try to win this thing and starting up front definitely means the world, and just getting out in clean air."