Thunder Car Results - The Thunder Car 150 put on quite a display of racing for the fans in attendance early Saturday evening at Charlotte Motor Speedway. Michael Van Winderden edged Taylor Hull for the victory in a side-by-side photo-finish.

Thunder Car Winner Michael Van Wingerden - "It was unbelievable. I have to thank Tommy Pistone for pushing me the last 10 laps. Without him I wouldn't have gotten there. Tyler Hull pushed me to the win, too. We had some help from Toyota on getting this car set up and I need to thank them. The way they draft, these cars turned three seconds faster than in practice. When you get a run on somebody, it's unbelievable. It was the first time we have been out there running at this kind of speed; they didn't know to get out of the gas and trail brake a little. All in all, I had a blast doing it. I hope we get to do it again. I'm just glad we got the win. I've got to thank Metrolina Greenhouses, too, for helping me get here."

Taylor Hull (Winston, Ga., finished second) "This is the second race in a row that I've finished second in a photo-finish. I couldn't tell who won either one of them. I wasn't real sure if Michael got me there at the finish or not. That was a lot of fun."

Brian Weimer (Cumming, Ga., finished third): "There was no give-and-take out there. A lot of the guys who have never run on big tracks just didn't give and take like they should have and that's the reason we had all the wrecks. Every wreck happened right in front of me, and I was fortunate enough to miss all them. It was a good day and a lot of fun."

Pennzoil Platinum Victory Challenge Winner Greg Biffle - "It really was a cool deal for Sprint and Charlotte Motor Speedway and for everybody that put this deal on. It was a lot of fun. I mean it created something for the fans to come and see. You know these fans want to see excitement. They want to see something, and to see five cars do a burnout, that's pretty cool to be able to see. I had a lot of fun doing it. I was a little bit nervous about it. Was I going to be in the grass or hit a cone or whatever? We were able to do what they required us to do and were the fastest doing it. There was skill required to get that finesse. You could only go around twice, so you had to be careful not to get going a third time. I saw Kevin Harvick where it looked like it swung around on him. I was able to come out of the gas a little bit and get it kind of headed toward the finish line, if you will."

Kyle Busch - "That was pretty cool and something different that we don't usually get to do. It was neat to do that and lay the motor up against the rev chip for just a minute. I guess I could have tried second gear a little more to make more smoke. If I could have gotten to the finish line just a little bit quicker we'd have won it. That was fun, just to get out there and goof off."