Kasey Kahne (no. 9 Gillett-Evernham/Budweiser Dodge; winner of Sprint All-Star Challenge) -  "Can't believe we're back in victory lane. It's been such a long time. To be voted into the race by the fans was awesome. The 18 car was awful strong. Actually, our car was strong all night. Sprint and Charlotte Motor Speedway do a lot with the fans. I wanted to be in this race, but I wanted to race my way in. The longer the race went, the lower the sun went, and it helped. The car was not as far off as I made it sound. It shows there is balance on the car and to come back. Next week, we'll be ready. I'm ready for tomorrow to go to Iowa. Three or four laps, we were just trying to wait on everybody getting their car pointed straight. If you can get some speed in them, they work okay. "

Ray Evernham (no. 9 Gillett-Evernham/Budweiser Dodge car owner) - "We needed something to get some confidence and momentum back in this team. We needed to make our car better at the end of the year. We worked on that and got it a lot more organized. This was a good night and people have got to believe. It means a lot because of what Dodge has meant to our program. [This is the first Dodge to win an All-Star race.]"

Kenny Francis (no. 9 Gillett-Evernham/Budweiser Dodge technical director) - Some of it was having clean air and being up front. I just get down when we're not running up front, and we weren't that good yesterday, and I was down. Yeah, I can understand how and why Kasey was down. You always want to win. After about 15 laps, our car was pretty good. I'm glad we won the race. I think we had the best car.

Greg Biffle (no. 16 Roush Fenway/Dish-TV Ford, second place) - "We were just a mediocre car. I was way too tight. We made some pretty major adjustments and loosened it up. We took some tips from what Matt (Kenseth) and Carl (Edwards), our teammates, were doing. When you're that close together, speed-wise, it's difficult to pass. Again, my car was just off. You're just going to have to get a run on somebody. We didn't change anything, but we put two left-side tires on it and it went back tight."

Matt Kenseth (no. 17 Roush Fenway/DeWalt Ford, third place) - "Just happy, being the All-Star Race. We were pretty competitive at times. Glad to be a contender. I felt like everybody was a contender. Every year and every situation is a little bit different. If we can run like we ran tonight, we can make the chase. We can't work on the bodies. With the old cars you could come up with some kind of body that might help. You can't do it with these cars unless there's some type of rules change."