In an afternoon press announcement held in the Time Warner Media Center, officials from Joe Gibbs Racing helped driver Joey Logano celebrate his birthday with a cake and announcement of a partnership with GameStop video retailer as a sponsor. Now that he is 18, Logano is eligible to compete in NASCAR's top three national touring series.

Logano will make his first NASCAR Nationwide Series start next weekend at Dover International Speedway, with plans to compete in 18 to 19 Nationwide Series races, along with some ARCA events.

"I am really excited to drive the GameStop car at Dover," said Logano. "It's perfect timing for me. I have always loved video games. Having GameStop on the car is definitely a big step. Getting that first start at Dover, finally. It seems like I have been waiting 18 years for it to come. I'm really, really excited to get in that 20 car."

"Our very first meeting, we kind of hit it off," said team owner Joe Gibbs. "I think this is a big day for us. I think we have kind of been waiting to get him on the race track. I think GameStop, for us, kind of fit. It's a natural sponsor for him. We have been waiting a long time for Joey. He has had a total of about 32 tests with our cars. We have tried to keep him in everything we could. We want to get him in everything we can as fast as we can. But, at the same time we want to make sure that we don't put undue pressure on Joey. Whatever the timing is, we're committed. Joey is committed. Toyota is committed. I think it is exciting for us to see young people that have great talent, and have a tremendous desire. Not only that, it's a tribute to his family that he is the right kind of person. That's quite important to us. It's an exciting time for us."

In stating what he felt was a big day for JGR, team president J.D. Gibbs notes: "What is special about Joey, is obviously his gift on the race track. What I think is neat is the way he interacts with his family and the history he has racing cars. I can't tell you how excited we are and hopefully he will be with us for the next 20 or 30 years. We are kicking off with the race next week at Dover, our first for him. We are going to have a great new partner on board with GameStop. It's a new sponsor for our sport, so we are excited about that. Hopefully, we can take that relationship and develop it for years to come. It's a compliment to all our guys to have Joey come on board. "