Todd Lohse (crew chief, no. 32 Dollar General Toyota for race winner Kyle Busch) - "That was a great night for us. It's always big if you can win here at Charlotte."

Tony Eury Sr. (crew chief no. 88 Navy Chevrolet) - "We ran good all night and had the best car out there. On long runs we were two-tenths faster than anybody else. Then we get up there and try to race the Cup guys and they want to get nasty about it. This series is for young guys and those [Cup] guys make their living over in the Cup garage. The only thing I asked Denny was ‘Why do you have to get nasty about it?'"

Dale Earnhardt Jr. (no. 83 Dale Jr. Division/Navy Chevrolet) - "I'm really happy about that. Aside from that [incident with Hamlin] - right or wrong - I'm not sure what the deal is. I'm real proud of these two teams - my team, Brad's team with Tony Sr. - they did a great job. I saw Brad hit him a little bit under caution and then Denny knocked the fender off his car. I'm not happy about that. I was happy with the finish but there was no excuse for Denny to tear up his fender like that. When Denny passed me for the lead that was a little bit of a weird feeling. His car looked good no matter what position he was in. I'm proud of this team and how far we've come."

Kyle Busch (no. 32 Braun/Dollar General Toyota, race  winner) - "Definitely pretty awesome to be in victory lane again here at Lowe's. Got to thank Todd Braun, Todd Lohse [crew chief] and everybody at Dollar General. It was a good, clean race for us. Knew that the tires were going to be an issue at the end, but staying out and taking a gamble was worth it. I was conserving a little toward the end, but wasn't much conserving under green. You could cut the motor off during cautions and coast for a lap or so and save some gas. Yeah, that Joe Gibbs car has been pretty stout this season, but this Todd Braun [car owner] car was pretty strong, too, and helped us end the Gibbs streak. We'll see what happens now."   

Denny Hamlin (no. 20 Gibbs/Z-Line Designs Toyota, second-place finisher) - "Seemed like if you got back to about third or fourth, it was tough to get back. It was tough to pass. Give a guy two inches to pass and don't cut him off. If he gets two inches on you, let him go. Shouldn't race like that - you can, but you can't.  I retaliated, he did it to me first, under caution. Ask him."  

Brad Keselowski (no. 88 JR Motorsports/Navy Chevrolet, third-place finisher) -  "Awesome car. Car was there. We knew we had a 9 o'clock, 9:30 car. Just racing each other hard, there at the end. Just racing. I have to take every opportunity I can to race. Definitely think under caution it was inappropriate."