Dollar General Announces Sponsorship for Braun Racing

In the final press conference of the day, officials from Braun Racing and Dollar General announced their 2009 NASCAR Nationwide Series plans. Dollar General will be the primary sponsor for the No. 32 Toyota. Brian Vickers will drive the car in 18 races and Burney Lamar will drive in the remaining events.

In making the announcement team owner Todd Braun said, "We are real excited about that. They are a great sponsor and we have had a great relationship. Where the sport is today, we are excited to have a sponsor like Dollar General."

Rick Dreiling, CEO for Dollar General, noted this was a good fit for the company also. "It's tremendously exciting for our employees. Our customer is a NASCAR customer. It's a great fit with us and NASCAR. I would like to thank Todd Braun and all of the employees at Braun Racing for a great season. We had a win at this track, several top fives and several top 10s. We are really excited to continue our relationship through 2009. I am also very excited and pleased that Brian and Burney have agreed to drive the car for the year."

Current driver Brian Vickers noted that it has been a fun year for the team. "I have got to thank Todd and everyone at Braun Racing for everything this year," said Vickers. "We've had poles, been very, very close to many wins. It's been a very exciting season. And getting Dollar General to re-sign with us, it's been a great partnership. We've learned a lot this year. I'm glad to be back with Braun Racing myself."

New driver Burney Lamar comes back to the Nationwide Series after being involved with Dollar General with a previous team. "This has been a relief," said Lamar. "We have a great relationship with Dollar General. This is a great opportunity with Braun Racing. It's a great company to work for. We are looking forward to it. They run up front every week. Nowadays, it's tough to run up front. They have given me the opportunity to get behind the wheel again."