North Carolina Education Lottery 200 Race Notes:

Colin Braun (No. 6 Con-Way Freight Ford) - DNF Accident - "I don't know what happened. I haven't seen it. All I know is that I had a good run on Brian Scott, and I pulled down to drive underneath him. The next thing I know, I got tagged in the right rear quarter panel and turned into the fence. And that was that. I don't know what happened. I've got to go back and watch it. Obviously, we had a real fast truck. It's just a disappointment when something like that happens. Everything was going perfect. We were about to pit in three laps. Certainly we would have had a good run, but it is just disappointing."

Ryan Newman (No. 4 Charter Communications Chevrolet) - 4th Place - "We were good on the long runs with this Charter Chevrolet. We struggled on the short runs. That's where Ron [Hornaday] got through traffic and got away from us. Just kind of rode it out there at the end. We weren't going to be able to do anything with the 88 and couldn't catch him. We were waiting for a yellow. It was a good effort. We came from a lap down. Ron won and we finished fourth, so it was a good day for KHI."

Terry Cook (No. 25 Cajun Industries/HT Motorsports/Toyota) - 5th Place - "This was huge. This Toyota Tundra was stout tonight. This is a brand new truck for us. We lost our really good truck at Kansas last week, and we were a little reluctant to run it tonight, but Danny Rollins [crew chief] and the entire HT Motorsports crew did a great job getting the truck where I could race it. We made adjustments in the middle of the race, and it didn't like it. The last pit stop we made, we put those adjustments back. We got a good race truck there. This is neat to race in the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series. These guys race hard and race hard every single lap. I think the fans got their money's worth in a 134-lap race. It was kind of neat racing there with Ryan Newman. We got to bumping each other down the straightaways and having some fun. That's what I can say about the truck series. To be able to race guys and race them clean is hard. The biggest thing was there at the end, when I was searching for a line. The truck was starting to lose the handle there over the longer run. I found something there at the end."