World of Outlaws Sprint Car Showdown

Donny Schatz, three-time and defending champion of the WoO Sprint Car Series and driver of the No. 15 Tony Stewart Racing World of Outlaws sprint car - "It's great for us to be back at Charlotte Motor Speedway, the Dirt Track. I'm kind of glad Tony is not running this weekend because the last time he got in my car he actually ran a little better than I did. So it's a bonus not to have him in one. It's just great for us to be there in front of all the people and try to get some of the NASCAR fans over there. We have to get out of here on Friday night and go race in Virginia as well as New York on Monday, so it's the start of a big week for us and a long grueling summer."

About Tony Stewart: "He's a great person to be around. Obviously, they've had a team for some time and I'm kind of new to the picture here last year. Starting a team from the ground up, he allowed me to have the equipment that I'm used to racing, the different chassis manufacturer, and the different engine builder and some different components. That says right there that he wants to give you what you feel like you need to win. Even though we are one team, we run different things because we have different driving styles, and that's what he's about. He can get in these cars and make us look bad by going quicker than we do. That's not good for us, but it's a highlight for him."

About The Dirt Track @ Charlotte Motor Speedway: "The surfaces are different everywhere you go. They all have different characteristics; you can come here and it can be wet one week and dry the next. The ability it has to change throughout the night is probably the biggest difference. We go to Virginia Motor Speedway on Saturday night, and it's got great big straightaways and short little corners so your whole setup and your whole mindset going into the corner is a lot different than what it is here."

Kraig Kinser, driver of the No. 20 TSR Bass Pro Shops Chevrolet in the World of Outlaws Sprint Car Series - "Tony gets to see us at the beginning of the year, and we kind of get away from him a little bit, and now we've got to shape up a little bit and run good for the boss here this weekend. I know we ran at this track here in Charlotte at the end of the year real good, and I just really hope we can finish one-two like we did at the end of the year for TSR."

About Tony Stewart: "I think my relationship really grew with him my first couple weeks on the job. I think I totaled two or three of his race cars, right in the first three races of the year. I was really down on myself, and I really didn't want to start my career with him with me tearing everything up. He was okay with it, and he just talked to me and got me really confident again that I was going to get on track. We ended up finishing the year really good and, hopefully, we can get on a roll this year. I know he's got our backs and, like Donny said, he'll do whatever it takes to get us to Victory Lane."

About The Dirt Track @ Charlotte Motor Speedway: "Charlotte is definitely, I feel like it's close to a one-off track, it's so quick around here. With the sweeping turns, for a sprint car, it's about as big of an ‘aero' place as you can go to. You've got to tell yourself you can drive it, because we punch such a big hole in the air it's hard to follow somebody in the turns, and little things like that you've just got to think of when you come to Charlotte that don't have as big of an effect at some of the other tracks we run