Marc Reno (No. 1 Miccosukee Indian Gaming / Resort Chevrolet, crew chief) - "For a little bit, I thought they were going to go back. We just got ourselves in a good position. We could have done it on the first pit stop, and got everyone a lap down. But we got nervous when our teammates - not our real teammates, but our other ones with Hendrick motors - pitted. We could show that we could go five laps longer, but we got really nervous and went ahead and pitted early and the caution came out that time, too. It could have happened twice to us tonight, but we did capitalize on it the last time and it worked out for us."

Marc Reno on fuel mileage - "Not real sure, because this is the first time in probably a year-and-a-half that we actually got better fuel mileage than the 88 and the 5. I don't know their crew chiefs' strategy; they may have been pitting a little bit earlier than they had to. But they made me nervous the first time and I thought, ‘Oh man, maybe our numbers are wrong.' So we pitted early, and then the caution came out and we had a little work for us then, but it certainly worked the last time. We broke a motor in practice, and this motor has been in our truck, so I know it's probably an older version, and maybe the older motors got a little better mileage. Have you talked to James Finch?"

Marc Reno on James Finch, team owner - "I talked to him during the race and Billy Cyprus, the chairman of the Miccosukee tribe of Indians, was with him, so they're hopefully having a good time. I'm thinking they put together a little rain dance out there."

Kyle Busch (No. 18 Gibbs / NOS Energy Drink Toyota, third place) - "Very disappointing with the way it finished, and we didn't get to show that we probably had the fastest car out there. Had the car to win the race, but don't guess third is too bad after all. Not bad for the points, but that's not really why we were here."