NHRA Full Throttle Series Drivers Q&A - cont.

Greg Anderson, driver of the Summit Racing Pontiac GXP Pro Stock Dragster - [Q: Is zMAX Dragway a jewel in the NHRA schedule?] "Without a doubt, and we all saw that with the crowd we had last year. We can struggle anywhere else in the country with a 20th annual event to get a crowd like that. It was big, it was a grand slam in its first time out, expected to do nothing but get better this year and the following year. We're hoping and praying and we're talking to NHRA trying to get more than one race here. It's just the perfect place to have an NHRA drag race. There's so many racing people in this town already with all the NASCAR fans and employees and workers and families. You don't really have to go out 150 miles, 250 miles to find your fans, because they're already here. Most of them already work in the industry, so it's a simple deal, and a simple sale. We love racing in front of our hometown friends and fans and people that really understand what we do. People here certainly get it, they understand racing. I wish we could have 10 races here, maybe someday we'll have more than one, two or three. I live three miles from here; I live three miles from this race track and the race here was a dream come true for me. I can't wait to get back this year and try and make amends for not doing so well last year. You certainly want to win your hometown race, and this would be a great one to win. It's a beautiful, beautiful facility and we love it."

Jason Line, driver of the Summit Racing Pontiac GXP Pro Stock Dragster - "It's the same deal, you know. Greg and I would love to win here, especially in front of a lot of folks, a lot of friends. It would have been great to win the inaugural race. We fell short of that, but anytime we come here, it's my favorite place to go, of course, because not only can I sleep in my own bed, but just to race in front of friends and family and all the NASCAR guys. If you're an engine guy, this is the best place in the country to be and a lot of the NASCAR engine guys are real big Pro Stock fans, so it's a fun place for us to race."

Eddie Kraweic, driver of the Screamin' Eagle Vance & Hines Harley Davidson Pro Stock Motorcycle - "We're the unique group in the bunch. We go zero-to-60 in roughly one second. We go all the way through 1320 feet, is what we run. We can cover a quarter-mile. We actually just set the national record at 6.860 seconds; 195 is our top mile-per-hour. So, to do that, unlike everybody else, we don't have a roll cage or anything around us."