Tony Gibson, second-place crew chief (No. 39 U.S. ARMY Chevrolet): "We'll take it. We had a bad pit stop there at the beginning. Kind of put us 40th. We were struggling then to try and get back up through there. We had driven back up to 15th. So, we had a decision to make. Well, there were 25 cars on the lead lap. If we pit, then we are going to be no better than 15th. If we stayed out and the rain came, then we had a shot at winning or running in the top five. If worse comes to worse, then we pit after they do and come out 25th. We had already done that and came back up to 14th, so we felt like we could drive back to the top 15. But, we just had to roll the dice, try to get a good finish and it worked out for us."

(Surprised that many cars pit when it looked like rain): "I was really surprised. But, I think they thought the weather was going to move through. There was another cell still building behind it, and I think it just started pushing the other one in quicker. So, it's a gamble, you never know. I figured it was going to crank back up and then we would be stuck back there again. It worked out alright, so we're happy."

Bob Osborne, fourth-place crew chief (No. 99 Aflac Ford): "You know, it's always a last minute decision when the rain is coming in. It makes it a long, long race when you have to worry about rain. You're not really racing, you're making decisions based on whether the race is going to be shortened by the rain or not. And that's the only thing we did. We took two tires on two stops in a row. That was a pretty big gamble. Three cars decided to stay out. I wish I had decided to do that now. We couldn't afford to take the chance of it coming back green, and race for 25th again. If they would have gone back green, we would have started first because the other cars would have had to pit. I thought that was the safest thing to do; go for track position. But, sometimes you put everything on the line. It was better than finishing 25th." 

Ryan Pemberton, fifth-place crew chief (No. 83 Red Bull Toyota): "The car was good. Brian was phenomenal. I can't say enough about his effort. His feedback was incredible. The car performed unbelievable, it was a great run. You know, we would have liked to have been a touch better at the beginning. But, it's tough to be that good in the middle of a run and be that good at the beginning. So, there's always a price to pay for running good at the beginning. We're really happy about that. We cleared up our act on pit road and made the little things a little bit better. That's potentially a race to win. If it was to go the full distance, we were the ones to beat in that situation. Just really happy with the whole Red Bull team and the way everything is going. Those are the things we need to work on to get better. When we do that, we will be winning races before too long."