Ryan Newman, second-place finisher (No. 39 U.S. Army Chevrolet): "I feel so bad for the fans out there. Just to see the grandstands that were packed yesterday, and then to come back Memorial Day and know that people couldn't make it back. Even the fans that were here, it wasn't going to get any better and it's not going to be any better tomorrow. I'm glad we got past 200 and I'm glad we could call it a race. It was a good finish. Not at all a racing finish, it's not like I'm proud of it, but I'm glad we got a good finish today.

"I wouldn't say they waited too long. It was in the best interest of the fans to put on a show for them. Unfortunately we lost a huge part of the population with all the rain delays. We sat around for another hour and a half just being hopeful and optimistic, but the bottom line was that Mother Nature didn't let it happen. We knew based off the forecast that it was going to be that way. It turned out to be that way and now we get to go home."

Robby Gordon, third-place finisher (driver of the No. 7 Jim Beam/Operation Home Front Toyota): "I think part of it was watching the computer screen. We were sitting there 20th, or 21st and sat there and watched it and it's like OK, well if we pit, we'll come back out 21st or something like that. If we stay out we've got an opportunity to finish in the top five and didn't know how many people were going to stay out.

"It's just unfortunate that Mother Nature didn't cooperate. They obviously tried to dry it, time and time again. I didn't think that it would get called this early, but at the same time we've got to have cars back at the race track next Friday. We are here in Charlotte, but it is Monday, it's not a Sunday race, so it's going to be a short week already for our guys, and there is more rain coming. They tried for a while. I'll take third, lucky for us, but unfortunate for the fans that obviously paid good money to come watch a good race. I think NASCAR did a good job trying to get the track back green."