David Reutimann, race winner (No. 00 Aaron's Dream Machine Toyota):

"I think we sat on pit road like eight hours today, that's what it felt like. We kept just waiting and Rodney and I talked, and I was like, ‘Man, I've kind of been in situations like this before, obviously not in a Cup race, but it's like this deal never goes my way, I don't see why it should now.' So we talked about what we were going to change on the car when we came down pit road. Rodney told me, he was like, ‘If we don't get us a win, I'm going to lose us about 10 spots here, one or the other.'

"I'm proud of the whole organization. Everybody has done a great job. It was fun, but I felt like I was on pit road for a month. I wanted either the sun to come out and it quit or just pour and it just kind of stayed in between."

Michael Waltrip, winning car owner:

"It's just incredible to be able to progress from where we were in '07 as a new organization and then compete all throughout the latter half of '08 and in '09 at a level that I've been really proud of. You've seen our cars run in the top five and a couple of top-10 finishes for me last year, late in the season. I'm really proud of the progression and really proud of the job that David did today and obviously his crew chief made an awesome call. I think they were surprised that more people ahead of them didn't make the same call. But what a great call and you've got to be proud of the result, because these things are really hard to win."

Rodney Childers, crew chief (No. 00 Aaron's Dream Machine Toyota):

"Like David said, I didn't even put much thought into it to be honest with you. I told him, ‘Hey we're running 14th and to make the adjustments we need to make we're going to lose four spots on pit road, and we're going to come out 18th. There's 24 cars on the lead lap. So we either take a chance on winning this deal or we restart 24th.'  So we stayed out, and like David said it seemed like it was never going to end standing out on pit road. 

"I've always wanted to win my first race here. It means a lot to me, this track. I was born and raised 30 minutes from here in Mooresville. I think when I was about 12 years old I told my parents I was going to win my first race here, but at the time I thought it was going to be as a driver."

Buzzie Reutimann, father of David Reutimann:

"Yeah, I tell you what people, if you could have heard our driver whining out there behind the wheel of that car. I was sitting there when Rodney said ‘Stay out,' and I said ‘Oh no, he done made a mistake. If we restart this race we're going to get killed out here.' He complained a little bit about everything there. I have to hand it to Rodney, he did make the right call. I'll tell you what, it's been a long road, it has taken us a long time to get here and I'm afraid I'm going to wake up in the morning and find out I was dreaming all of this. Words can't describe how great a father will feel to see his son win a race and that No. 00 up at the top of the board. It's one of the greatest feelings in the world."