NASCAR Sprint All-Star Race Finish:

Tony Stewart (No. 14, Haas-Stewart/Old Spice Chevrolet, winner) - This marks the second time a driver-owner has won an All-Star race. Geoff Bodine was first in 1994.

"We restarted third after that one caution, and I knew then we had a good shot to win this race. Gene [Haas] was willing to give us the responsibility of bringing in all these new people and making all these changes. That's a huge deal to be able to give up all that control.

"I've said this 50 times since I got out of the car: I can't believe he gave me the bottom. We got right on him two laps before, and got a run off of two on the bottom, got beside him, and I overdrove it in three and just got down there and got loose trying to clear him. On the entry, he ran up high, and we got down there and got in the gas real quick and got by. It was the best the car was all night. Darian made a handful of adjustments on that last caution and, man, did it wake that car up! It was stuck those last 10 laps. We were as good as the guys in front of us; we were just in traffic. It was just awesome to finally get into victory lane with a group of guys who have wanted it for a long time.

[On the crew climbing the fence] "I think they took that upon themselves to do it. They told me, and I said, ‘no way, I'm not doing it. I'm too old to be doing it.' I was just so excited I wanted to get back to them right away. There's guys on this team that haven't been to victory lane before, and that was something I was really looking forward to - getting there and congratulating Gene on his first win."

Matt Kenseth (No. 17, Roush/DeWalt Ford, runner-up) - "Last couple of laps is where we lost it. Actually pretty good for five or six laps, but not too good on longer runs. It was loose all night. They're kind of a spinoff of all that Hendrick [Motorsports] knowledge and information. The final 10 laps, you're gonna have some excitement, for sure."

Kurt Busch (No. 2, Penske/Miller Lite Dodge, third-place finisher) - "Thought we had a very entertaining week. To hang on for third was not too bad. It was a little better on longer runs. It took us four or five laps to really get going. I was hoping they [Nos. 14 and 17] would mix it up a while and kinda give us a chance to get up there, but it didn't happen. The fact the car would come to us makes you feel good for the 600 miles [May 25 Coca-Cola 600]. We were excited about the format of the race when it was announced."