NASCAR Sprint All-Star Race Finish:

Drew Blickensderfer (No. 17 DeWalt Ford, crew chief) - "It went fine. The goal was to be up front in the last 90 laps, and we started second in the last 40 laps, which is the cat-bird's seat. We just over-adjusted the car a little too much, and it was two laps too long of a race for us."

Mike Ford (No. 11 FedEx Toyota, crew chief) - "We tweaked on it all night - something you don't want to do in a short race. If we lined back up again, I think we would be right there with them. At the end of the race, we were as competitive as anyone. We didn't have the track position because we had to play catch-up from starting badly. But we are pretty happy with the evening. We are looking at bringing that car back next week for the 600. It's 600 miles and a long race so we won't get a lot of practice time next week. We've got some history with it [this car]. We will look at it. It does have some damage, though. We will have to evaluate that come tomorrow."

Steve Addington (No. 18 M&Ms Toyota, crew chief) - "I think we had the best car for the short run. We felt like we had the car to beat, especially on a 10-lap run. We were really fast. We tried to play with our air pressures there to get some speed in it for 10 laps and it bit us. It backfired on us. It sucks for the race team, though. You know, we threw away a million bucks, I mean."

Bob Osborne (No. 99 Aflac Ford, crew chief) - "I'm happy with that finish, you know. We went back and forth on balance a little bit. We got a little too free there a couple of the segments. We made the adjustments for the last 10 laps, and it worked out for us. We were able to drive up past four cars. Still real happy with the way the car handled and all. The pit crew did a great job, and we having been struggling with that, so it was a highlight, for sure, of tonight. All in all, I think we have a pretty good package for the 600 when we come back. We will bring back a different car, but, for sure, it was a good test session."

Darian Grubb (No. 14 Office Depot/Old Spice Chevrolet, crew chief) - "I can't talk about too much there on what we did. On the intermission, there wasn't a corner of the car we didn't touch. We took Tony's feedback, and made adjustments all the way around: track bar, wedge, air pressure, tire temperatures, and shock clicks. And just luckily, we were able to get him back out there and keep track position, since we were doing all that stuff. And he was able to drive it to the front."