Greg Zipadelli (crew chief, No. 20 Home Depot Toyota) - "We started up front but had that mishap in the pits. I think we went from like eighth to 38th on that. We had to battle back all race and just never got our track position back until the end. We had a good car. The guys did a good job and Joey did a great job. To come out of here with a top-five after having that mishap is a good day."

Kenny Francis (crew chief, No. 9 Budweiser Dodge) - "Well, we have been running really good all summer. And in the Chase here, too. We had a real good car here tonight at Lowe's. Just that run, we had a little bit of a vibration. We're not sure what was wrong there. We've not figured out what it was yet. That definitely hurt us. Man, the guys did a great job. And the car ran really fast. I think we did have the fastest car. Just down there at the end those restarts kind of got us. I'm real proud of Kasey. The Budweiser Dodge was pretty strong. We aren't that great on restarts. For some reason, we haven't got that figured out yet. We'll keep working on that. But, yeah, we run really good most of the year and just had some bad luck in two of the chase races. And we find ourselves back in the points. We know we can run good and can keep running good the rest of the year."

Steve Addington (crew chief, No. 18 M&Ms Toyota) - "We didn't have the speed in the car. We could get the balance good, but we just didn't have the speed to run there. We pitted that one time and put four tires on it, and it took off pretty good. Then, all of a sudden, he felt like he lost his right rear and got real loose and spun out. So, we don't know what was going on there. We put another set on, and it came back to where it was. We just missed it tonight. We would just make little adjustments, and it would swing one way or the other. We got it good right there at the end, but we didn't have enough for those guys tonight."

Shane Wilson (crew chief, No. 33 Cheerios/Hamburger Helper Chevrolet) - "We just started off by bringing a good car here this weekend. We had a decent qualifying run. We didn't practice real good on Friday. So, we made some changes leading into the race that definitely helped us. I kind of figured out a package for here. We struggled a little here in the spring. We definitely were better. A little bit of track bar all day is all we did. The car was right there. We were real good on long runs. We kind of didn't want to change a whole lot. It was a little tight there at the end and lost a couple of spots. All in all, just a good day for us. I think we are really starting to turn some corners at RCR. We embarrassed ourselves back here in the spring and struggled as a company. We just came back here a lot better. Our stuff has been better. We ran a little better at Fontana. We are getting our mile-and-a-half stuff or fast track stuff better. And it showed today."