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Gigantic, 16,000-Square-Foot HDTV

Drivers and fans are saying...

"It's viewmongous." @dougieSS

"This huge tv at charlotte motor speedway is unreal. So cool to watch." @kaseykahne

"Incredible, and something you have to see in person!" @KBfaninGA

"Speaking of the speedway's big television: If you think it's overrated, you haven't seen it in person.  It's huge and has a remarkably sharp picture. It's a dynamic addition to the track, adding a dimension to watching a race at Charlotte Motor Speedway.". - Ron Green, Jr.,  Charlotte Observer

"If I were a race fan, I'd never buy a ticket in the stands that wrap around Turn 2 again, because you miss the HDTV entirely. From the frontstretch, though, it was an extremely welcome addition." - Scott Fowler, Charlotte Observer

"VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY BIG! With a GREAT picture!" @EsterWhite40

"It is BIG!!! You won't miss any of the action with the ability to see it on the BIG SCREEN! Love it!" @NSCRgal

"Cannot say enough how cool the new video board is at Charlotte Motor Speedway-best in sports" - Steve O'Donnell, NASCAR

"I can't say it strongly enough - this is one of the most impressive large screens I've ever seen. It's enormous size made it truly visible in a big way from every seat on the money side of the track. It made the race more exciting…" - Clint DeBoer, Audioholics.com

"Congrats @CLTMotorSpdwy on the new HD TV. One word...awesome." @bfhood

"@CLTMotorSpdwy Your backstretch TV is the size of an #NHL hockey rink. That's mind blowing! #NASCAR" @slarocko 

"New ginormous HDTV @CLTMotorSpdwy is awesome" @MikePacheco81


Our HDTV By the Numbers

Our Panasonic HD video board is the largest HDTV in the world, here are the numbers:

  • The screen rises 110 feet above the track
  • The steel frame that supports the screen weighs 500,000 pounds
  • The video board weighs 165,000 pounds
  • The total structure weighs 332-and-a-half tons or 665,000 pounds
  • The screen is 200 feet wide and 80 feet tall
  • 158 panels make up the 16,000-square-foot screen
  • Thirteen sub-electric panels each power a "panel riser," or a column of panels 
  • More than nine million LED lamps illuminate the Panasonic video board during each NASCAR race event at Charlotte Motor Speedway
  • The screen is centered along the backstretch between Turns 2 and 3, across from the start/finish line
  • Fans seated throughout the frontstretch from Turn 4 to Turn 1 have clear viewing angles of instant replays, leaderboard updates and interactive entertainment displayed in 720P high-definition visuals
  • Crews removed 900 cubic yards of dirt by drilling 12 holes, each 54 inches in diameter, more than 50 feet deep to bedrock level and installed concrete piers in the holes to support the massive steel frame

HD Video Board

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Construction Time Lapse

Watch a time lapse of the construction of the world's largest HDTV.