Charlotte Motor Speedway does not allow the use of personal golf carts on Speedway property including those licensed as “Street Legal” by the state of North Carolina or other states.

Golf cart usage while on property at Charlotte Motor Speedway will be limited to only those vehicles being operated by authorized credentialed users. Authorized users shall include approved Race Team participants, Official and Event Sponsors, and Charlotte Motor Speedway Staff. ALL authorized users will be required to fulfill liability insurance requirements associated with operating such vehicles while on Charlotte Motor Speedway property, prior to being issued a golf cart credential. Unauthorized users may be ejected from the property and have their vehicle impounded.


If you meet all of the requirements above, follow the instructions within the Golf Cart Application to place your credential request.

Application deadlines apply.

A separate application and valid Certificate of Insurance must be submitted for each race weekend. You will be notified by email if and when your application is approved or denied.

Charlotte Motor Speedway prohibits the use or operation of all golf carts, UTV’s, and similar vehicles present on our property from being used or operated off the campus or property of Charlotte Motor Speedway. Driving or operating a golf cart, UTV, or similar type vehicles once credentialed off the Charlotte Motor Speedway campus property on a public road, highway, or crossing a highway will result in the loss of your credential, your ejection from the property of Charlotte Motor Speedway, and your golf cart, UTV, or similar type of vehicle will not be allowed to return onto the property of Charlotte Motor Speedway. If you or your vehicle are not allowed to return back onto the property of Charlotte Motor Speedway, Charlotte Motor Speedway is not responsible for the safe keeping or storage of your vehicle. This rule and policy applies whether or not your vehicle is ‘street legal’ within the definition provided by the North Carolina Transportation Code.

Failure to comply with any of the above criteria may result in confiscation of patron’s golf cart pass and/or golf cart as well as loss of future race week golf cart privileges.


How can I rent Golf Carts?
SMI Properties is the exclusive golf cart vendor at all Speedway Motorsports, Inc. and affiliate properties for all event and non-event rentals.

I do not have the minimum required Insurance and/or a General Liability Policy; can I purchase Insurance through SMI Properties?
No. SMI Properties does not sell insurance. We only rent or credential those with the approved Insurance containing $5 million Commercial General Liability per occurrence, this may be obtained by adding an Excess Umbrella to the GL Policy, $5 million Automobile Liability for all personal carts, $15,000 per golf cart Property Coverage Policy for all rented carts. All policies must remain in effect for the entirety of the event period.

Can anyone rent or bring golf carts on property?
Due to liability and insurance regulations, and to ensure all fans have a safe and enjoyable visit, Golf carts are limited to business use only. We encourage fans to use the Courtesy Shuttles, Handicap shuttles and Trams shuttles that operate during all NASCAR, NHRA, IndyCar, and other miscellaneous events in order to travel around the premises.

What do you mean by business use only?
Business use and/or purpose to rent or credential a golf cart includes: Speedway Staff, Event Personnel, Levy Vendors, Souviner Vendors, Sponsors, Team Owners, Team Crew Chiefs, Team Drivers, Media, etc. All must have a signed agreement with either SMI, SMIP, Nascar, and/or Levy Restaurants in order to qualify.


At all times, SMIP and/or the respective SMIP affiliate ("Speedway") Speedway shall mean a motorsports facility owned by a direct or indirect Speedway Motorsports, Inc. subsidiary – Atlanta Motor Speedway, Bristol Motor Speedway, Charlotte Motor Speedway, Sonoma Raceway, Kentucky Speedway, Las Vegas Motor Speedway, New Hampshire Motor Speedway and Texas Motor Speedway.

All SMIP affiliate Speedway's, welcomes their guest with handicaps/disabilities and seek to provide wheelchair and EVC friendly accommodations, as well as handicap accessible seating areas. We encourage you to use the Courtesy Shuttles and/or Handicap Shuttles that operate during all NASCAR events in order to travel around the premises. If you have further questions regarding handicap assistance please contact the attending track.

Due to liability and insurance regulations, and to ensure all fans have a safe and enjoyable visit, the following rules regarding transportation while on property are strictly enforced:

The use of any unauthorized vehicle, including but not limited to:
Personal Golf Carts, Quads, Scooters (motorized, electric, push, or kick), Mopeds, Mini-Bikes, Dirt Bikes, Off-Road Vehicles, Mules, Gators, ATVs, Segway's, Bicycles, Rollerblades, Roller-skates, and Skateboards are STRICTLY PROHIBTED while on SMIP affiliate Speedway property at any time. We encourage fans to use the Courtesy and/or Tram Shuttles operating during all NASCAR events to travel around the property.

Authorized transportation at any SMIP affiliate Speedway, will be limited to authorized credentialed users only. Authorized users shall include Speedway Staff, Event Personnel, Vendors, Sponsors, Media, Team Owners, Team Crew Chiefs, and Team Drivers. ALL authorized users will be required to fulfill 5 million dollar liability insurance requirements, associated with operating said vehicles while on any SMIP affiliate Speedway property, prior to being issued a credential.

Any unauthorized usage of said vehicles will be subject to either immediate removal from SMIP affiliated Speedway property. Anyone operating a golf cart without proper insurance coverage and/or credentials will be asked to remove the cart from property immediately. If cart cannot be removed from property, at the discretion of the owners, SMI Properties will allow the cart to be stored at the SMI Properties golf cart compound until the conclusion of the event. However; SMISC Holdings, Inc. d/b/a SMI Properties, its subsidiaries, affiliates, or respective shareholders, members, partners, officers, managers, directors, or employees will not be held liable for any stored cart in any way. ALL refusals of dismissal will result in trespassing and further prosecution.

At all times, SMIP and/or the respective SMIP affiliate speedway ("Speedway") reserves the right to revoke golf cart credential and Equipment or Equipment privileges should Company abuse or use improperly.


  • Equipment use is for Business purposes Only.
  • Only validly-licensed drivers who are 18 or older and authorized by company, are allowed to operate Equipment.
  • DO NOT use Equipment as a means for product sampling or couponing.
  • DO NOT take Equipment off of Speedway Property.
  • DO NOT park Equipment in unauthorized areas of Speedway Property.
  • DO NOT leave Equipment unattended unless, the ignition key is switched off and removed and cart is secured by lock and chain.
  • DO NOT allow passenger(s) to sit on or about areas on Equipment not specifically designed for seating including but not limited to, the front cowl or in cargo box.
  • DO NOT allow passenger(s) to stand while Equipment is in operation.
  • DO NOT use cellular phones or personal data devices while operating Equipment.
  • DO NOT operate Equipment while under the influence of any quantity of alcoholic beverages, marijuana, other narcotics, or substances whatsoever, whether or not prescribed by a physician.
  • ALWAYS ensure passengers are seated and ready before operating Equipment.
  • ALWAYS maintain a safe and cautious speed during operation. The maximum speed on all Speedway properties is 25mph unless otherwise posted.
  • ALWAYS use extreme caution in highly congested areas, including but not limited to hospitality and display areas, concession areas, souvenir areas, crosswalks, entrances to infield, etc.
  • ALWAYS use lights at Night.
  • ALWAYS report any accidents or incidents Equipment is involved in to Speedway Security and to the SMIP Golf Cart Compound at the time of occurence.