Six champions were crowned Tuesday after the final round of the 22nd annual Bojangles' Summer Shootout Series. Battles came down to the wire as several competitors vied for a chance to win, but it was Jordan Black, Tom Pistone, Sheldon Crouse, Chase Purdy, Daniel Wilk and Ashton Higgins who took home the glory in the prestigious series.

Black, from Mount Dora, Florida, took home the Human Tuning Group Legend Car Pro division championship after winning his fourth feature race of the year on Tuesday night. Black and Michael Torres were in an intense points battle for much of the season, but it was Black who came out on top.

Pistone, of Mooresville, North Carolina, made history Tuesday night as he became the second driver in Summer Shootout Series history to win three-consecutive division championships. The Security Force Legend Car Masters title came down to the final race as Pistone and Scott Whitaker went head-to-head. Pistone took the checkers, giving him four victories on the season.

Mississippi-native Chase Purdy, who recently relocated to Huntersville, North Carolina, took home the Legend Car Young Lions division championship. Purdy had a tight points battle all season with Dawson Cram, but pulled through to claim the title Tuesday night when he earned his sixth win of the season. 

Crouse, of Concord, North Carolina, was crowned the Legend Car Semi-Pro division champion, narrowly edging out John Holleman IV. Prior to Tuesday night’s feature race, Crouse led by just five points over Holleman IV, but he emerged victorious in the division’s final feature race, allowing him to secure the title.

The LiveWell Homes Bandolero Bandits division was dominated by Wilk, of Pineville, North Carolina. Wilk’s seven-consecutive feature wins and back-to-back second-place finishes locked him in as the division champion before the green flag waved in the final feature race. 

Higgins took home the championship title in the Bandolero Outlaws division after winning his sixth feature of the season on Tuesday night. 

Championship point standings are unofficial pending post-race inspection and point tabulation by race officials

Feature winners from Round 9 of the Bojangles’ Summer Shootout Series, completed on Monday night, included Robbie Faggart in the Security Force Masters division, Joey Padgett in the Human Tuning Group Pro division, Alex Reece in the Young Lions division and Jordan Stilwell in the Semi-Pro division. Round 9 Bandolero feature winners, which were race on Tuesday due to Monday’s weather conditions, included Jason Chapman in the Beginner Bandits division, Carson Kvapil in the LiveWell Homes Bandits division and Ashton Higgins in the Bandolero Outlaws division.

While the Bojangles’ Summer Shootout Series has come to a close, families can enjoy the fun that continues next weekend with the Circle K Back-to-School Monster Truck Bash presented by Mello Yello on Aug. 8  at The Dirt Track at Charlotte. Tickets are available by calling 1-800-455-FANS (3267) or visiting the speedway’s website.

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Unofficial Results:

Round 9:

Security Force Masters division (25 laps): 1. Robbie Faggart; 2. Carl Cormier; 3. Ron Mander; 4. Bruce Silver; 5. Nelson Stewart; 6. Chip Ferguson; 7. Jan Ingram; 8. Craig Bruce; 9. Akinori Ogata; 10. Jamie Smith; 11. Jon Craig; 12. Dwayne Holder; 13. Tom Pistone.

The Human Tuning Group Pro division (25 laps): 1. Joey Padgett; 2. Austin Hill; 3. Jared Ervin; 4. Ryna Shattock; 5. Michael Torres; 6. Alex Murray; 7. Reid Wilson; 8. Dillon Faggart; 9. Donovan Ponder; 10. Jordan Black; 11. Justin Ashley; 12. Greg Lang; 13. Evan Swilling.

Young Lions division (13 laps): 1.Alex Reece; 2. Austin Green; 3. Dawson Cram; 4. Chase Purdy; 5. Jacob Heafner; 6. Ryan Millington; 7. Kaden Honeycutt; 8. Conner Snow; 9. Garrett Manes; 10. Eddie Fatscher; 11. Andrew Molleur; 12. Jack Fread; 13. Carson Poindexter; 14. Sam Mayer.

Semi-Pro division (25 laps): 1. Jordan Stilwell; 2. Scott Joy; 3. Jensen Jorgensen; 4. Stevie Johns Jr.; 5. Sheldon Crouse; 6. Joe Gregory; 7. Taylor Jorgensen; 8. Holden German; 9. Joshua Plummer; 10. Kyle Kalash; 11. Craig Biryla; 12. Jonathan Wessel; 13. Gus Dean; 14. Jordan Mander; 15. Hannah Bell; 16. Enrique Limon; 17. Devin O’Connell; 18. Conner Pyle; 19. John Holleman IV; 20. Chase Cabre; 21. Sprout Royal.

Beginner Bandolero division (15 laps): 1. Jason Chapman; 2. Parker Eatmon; 3. Trevor Wester; 4. Jaiden Reyna; 5. Jacob Putnam; 6. Bryce Baily; 7. Stanley Hays; 8. Zachary Miracle; 9. Jordyn Powell; 10. Jacob Gantz; 11. Autumn Weaver; 12. Tyler Bartoszewicz; 13. Adam Eades; 14. David Sullivan.

LiveWell Homes Bandits division (15 laps): 1. Carson Kvapil; 2. Daniel WIlk; 3. William Robusto; 4. Cameron Bolin; 5. Tommy Good; 6. Bryson Ruff; 7. Josh Kossek; 8. Steven Chapman; 9. Tyler Chapman; 10. DJ Canipe; 11. George Hayes; 12. Josh Speas; 13. Isabella Robusto; 14. Landon Rapp; 15. Dylan Notaro; 16. Leland Honeyman.

Bandolero Outlaws Division (15 laps): 1. Ashton Higgins; 2. Trevor Rizzo; 3. Roy Hayes; 4. Matthew Davey; 5. Conner Younginer; 6. ???; 7. Jensen Jorgenson; 8. Gracie Trotter; 9. Matthew Emery; 10. Austin Geer; 11. Elysia Potter; 12. Tristan Lesik; 13. Jordan Plummer; 14. Robby Gordon Douglas; 15. Blaise Brinkley; 16. Hudgins Gauntt; 17. Seth Henry; 18. Ashley Pantoulas; 19. Bradyn Mander; 20. Liz Montgomery; 21. Alberto Limon; 22. Matthew Eades.

Round 10:

Beginner Bandolero Bandits division (20 laps): 1. Jacob Gantz; 2. Jason Chapman; 3. Mason Dejarnett; 4. Jacob Putnam; 5. Stanley Hays; 6. Tyler Bartoszewicz; 7. Adam Eades; 8. Jaiden Reyna; 9. Autumn Weaver; 10. Jordan Powell; 11. Trevor Wester; 12. David Sullivan; 13. Bryce Baily; 14. Zachary Miracle; 15. Parker Eatmon.

LiveWell Homes Bandolero Bandits division (20 laps): 1. Carson Kvapil; 2. Daniel Wilk; 3. Cameron Bolin; 4. DJ Canipe; 5. William Robusto; 6. Tommy Good; 7. Josh Kossek; 8. Isabella Robusto; 9. Steven Chapman; 10. Bryson Ruff; 11. Leland Honeyman; 12. Tyler Chapman; 13. Josh Speas; 14. Landon Rapp; 15. George Hayes; 16. Dylan Notaro; 17. Blake Cisneros.

Bandolero Outlaws division (20 laps): 1. Ashton Higgins; 2. Conner Younginer; 3. Jordan Plummer; 4. Blaise Brinkley; 5. Trevor Rizzo; 6. Gracie Trotter; 7. Roy Hayes; 8. Matthew Davey; 9. Mathhew Emery; 10. Robby Gordon Douglas; 11. Hudgins Gauntt; 12. Elysia Potter; 13. Tristan Lesik; 14. Bradyn Mander; 15. Seth Henry; 16. Liz Montgomery; 17. Ashley Pantoulas; 18. Jensen Jorgenson; 19. Austin Geer; 20. Matthew Eades.

Legend Car Young Lions division (20 laps): 1. Chase Purdy; 2. Austin Green; 3. Alex Reece; 4. Dawson Cram; 5. Conner Snow; 6. Kaden Honeycutt; 7. Jacob Heafner; 8. Garrett Manes; 9. Ryan Millington; 10. Jack Fread; 11. Sam Mayer; 12; Carson Poindexter; 13. Andrew Molleur; 14. Eddie Fatscher.

Legend Car Semi-Pro (25 laps): 1. Sheldon Crouse; 2. Stevie Johns Jr.; 3. John Holleman IV; 4. Jordan Stillwell; 5. Scott Joy; 6. Devin O'Connell; 7. Joe Gregory; 8. Jensen Jorgensen; 9. Gus Dean; 10. Enrique Limon; 11. Holden German; 12. Andrew Harrah; 13. Joshua Plummer; 14. Taylor Jorgensen; 15. Craig Biryla; 16. Kyle Kalash; 17. Jordan Mander; 18. Hannah Bell; 19. Jonathan Wessel; 20. Conner Pyle

Security Force Masters (25 laps): 1. Tom Pistone; 2. Robbie Faggart; 3. Scott Whitaker; 4. Jon Craig; 5. Carl Cormier; 6. Tom Sherman; 7. Akinori Ogata; 8. Ron Mander; 9. Jan Ingram; 10. Nelson Stewart; 11. Gene Traxler; 12. Chip Ferguson; 13. Craig Bruce; 14. Jamie Smith; 15. Bruce Silver; 16. Danny Cisson; 17. Ernie Irvan.

The Human Tuning Group Pro division (25 laps): 1. Jordan Black; 2. Dillon Faggart; 3. Ryan Shattock; 4. Joey Padgett; 5. Austin Hill; 6. Justin Ashley; 7. Alex Murray; 8. Donovan Ponder; 9. Michael Torres; 10. Ryan Eyer; 11. Jared Irvan; 12. Greg Lang; 13. Evan Swilling; 14. Matthew Barnard; 15. Reid Wilson; 16. Drew Brown.