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8:00A   Shuttle to Turn 4 Campground Running

8:00A   Bruton’s Suite Open

10:00A   Sportsman Qualifying

10:00A   Spectator Gate 1 Open for early entry

10:30A Fan Assistance Trams Running

11:45A Midway Open

12:00P Spectator Gate 2 Open

12:00P Corporate Suites Open

12:00P Fan Assistance ADA Golf Carts Running

1:00P   Top Alcohol Qualifying Session

4:15P   Top Alcohol Qualifying Sessions

5:15P   Nostalgia Pro Stock Exhibition

5:30P   Pro Mod Qualifying Session

6:15P   Pro Stock Qualifying

7:15P   Nitro Qualifying

8:15P   Jet Dragster Exhibition



8:00A   Spectator Gate 1 Open for early entry

8:00A   Bruton’s Suite Open                                     

8:00A   Sportsman Eliminations

8:00A   Shuttle to Turn 4 Campground Running

9:00A   Fan assistance Trams Running

10:30A Midway Open

11:00A Spectator Gate 2 Open

11:00A Corporate Suites Open

11:00A Fan Assistance ADA Golf Carts Running

11:30A Top Alcohol Qualifying Sessions

12:30P Nostalgia Pro Stock Exhibition

12:45P Pro Mod Qualifying Session

1:30P   Pro Stock Qualifying Session

2:30P   Nitro Qualifying Session

3:30P   Top Alcohol Eliminations- Round 1

4:30P   Pro Mod Qualifying Session

5:15P   Pro Stock Qualifying Session

6:15P   Nitro Qualifying Session

7:15P   Top Alcohol Eliminations- Round 2

7:45P   Sportsman Eliminations



8:30A   Midway Open

8:30A   All Spectator Gates Open

8:30A   All Suites Open

8:30A   Shuttle to Turn 4 Campground Running

8:30A   Fan assistance Trams Running

9:00A   Fan Assistance ADA Golf Carts Running

10:30A Nitro Eliminations- Round 1

11:30A Pro Stock Eliminations- Round 1

12:10P Pro Mod Eliminations- Round 1

12:30P Top Alcohol Eliminations- Semi Finals

1:00P   Nitro Eliminations- Round 2

1:30P   Pro Stock Eliminations- Round 2

1:50P   Pro Mod Eliminations- Round 2

2:00P   Sportsman Eliminations- Semi Finals

2:30P   Nitro Eliminations- Semi Finals

2:45P   Pro Stock Eliminations- Semi Finals

2:55P   Pro Mod Eliminations- Semi Finals

3:00P   Sportsman Eliminations- Finals

3:15P   JR Dragster Exhibition

3:30P   Parade of Champions

3:40P   Pro Mod Eliminations- Finals

3:45P   Pro Stock Eliminations- Finals

3:50P   Nitro Eliminations

* All ticket prices subject to N.C. sales tax