Jordan Black dreamed of winning two consecutive In Light Wellness Legend Car Pro division championships, and the Florida sensation made his vision a reality during an exhilarating Bojangles' Summer Shootout Champions Night season finale on Tuesday at Charlotte Motor Speedway. Six divisions crowned champions prior to a thrilling fireworks show, which capped off an action-packed 10-race season of Legend Car and Bandolero racing on the frontstretch quarter-mile.

Black won four races, including the final two on Monday and Tuesday, to corral the title from Chase Purdy. Black, who will compete in sports-car racing next season, cherished Championship No. 2 for sentimental reasons.

"This one's awesome," Black said. "My whole family's here. They flew up from Florida to see me. I'm just so happy and emotional that I get to share this with them."

Tyler Truex entered the AAA Carolinas Legend Car Semi-Pro season finale trailing Gus Dean by three points, but Truex prevailed in a wild final 25 laps to the Semi-Pro season to emerge with the championship by a scant two points.

Truex - the cousin of Coca-Cola 600 winner Martin Truex Jr. and a welder by trade - won three of the final five races and finished second in the other two to rally for the title.

"It feels awesome," Truex said. "Like I say every week, I can't thank (car owner) Joe Ryan Osborne enough. I wanted it bad. I've got a lot of guys who are supporting me in this deal and who want to see me succeed, so I wanted to win a championship for them."

No driver dominated his Bojangles' Summer Shootout division like Robby Faggart in Legend Car Masters competition. Faggart, a Concord, North Carolina, native who grew up 10 minutes from the speedway, capped off his incredible season by scoring his fifth win in 10 races.

"This championship means a lot," Faggart said. "I mean, this is Charlotte Motor Speedway. This is the height of Legend Cars. It doesn't get any better than this."

Giovanni Bromante's first season in Legend Car competition saw the Long Island, New York native hold off fellow New Yorker Eddie Fatscher for the K1 Speed Legend Car Young Lions division title by virtue of having four wins to Fatscher's three. The battle came down to Bromante's win on Tuesday, which gave him the title in his first try.

"It doesn't even seem real right now, it's just a miracle," Bromante said. "God was with me the whole time. The car was unbelievable."

Bryson Ruff used a dominant performance in the Bandolero Bandits finale to break a three-way tie with Josh Kossek and Cameron Bolin and claim the division title. Ruff's No. 24 Bojangles'-sponsored car captured three wins on his way to the championship.

"I just had a really good car, and this week was my week to win," Ruff said.

Matt Emery won the Bandolero Outlaws feature, but it was Matthew Davey's runner-up finish that helped Davey clinch the championship ahead of Tommy Good and D.J. Canipe. Davey won three races and - more impressively - finished outside the top three in only one race all season.

Caden Kvapil, the youngest son of 2003 NASCAR Camping World Truck Series champion Travis Kvapil, scored back-to-back wins on Monday and Tuesday in the Beginner Bandolero Bandits features.

Monday night's winners included Robby Woodall in the Legend Car Masters division, Jordan Black in the In Light Wellness Legend Car Pro feature, Eddie Fatscher (K1 Speed Legend Car Young Lions), Tyler Truex (AAA Carolinas Legend Car Semi-Pro), Caden Kvapil in the Beginner Bandolero Bandits feature, Cameron Bolin in Bandolero Bandits and Tommy Good (Bandolero Outlaws).

Tuesday's Results:
Bandolero Bandits (20 laps): 1. Bryson Ruff; 2. Josh Kossek; 3. Cameron Bolin; 4. Parker Eatmon; 5. Stanley Hayes; 6. Josh Speas; 7. William Rubusto; 8. Kenneth Henderson; 9. Zack Miracle; 10. Holt Halder; 11. Conner Jones.

Bandolero Outlaws (20 laps): 1. Matt Emery; 2. Tommy Good; 3. Matthew Davey; 4. Triston Lesik; 5. Roy Hayes; 6. Jason Alder; 7. Isaak Love; 8. Blaise Maddox; 9. Garrett Lowe; 10. Jordan Plummer; 11. Jacob Gantz; 12. Gauntt Hudgins; 13. Trey Tedrzak; 14. Dylan Notaro; 15. Cameron Johnson; 16. Trevor Wester; 17. Ashley Pantoulas; 18. Liz Montgomery; 19. DJ Canipe; 20. Justin Gareis.

Beginner Bandolero Bandits (20 laps): 1. Caden Kvapil; 2. Grant Thompson; 3. Adam Eades; 4. Benjamin Johnson; 5. David Sullivan; 6. Truett Miranda; 7. Tyler Bartosczewicz; 8. Santiago Hill; 9. Luke Cooper; 10. Carter Lee; 11. Logan Clark; 12. Steve Mitch; 13. Olivia Moody.

K1 Speed Legend Car Young Lions (20 laps): 1. Giovanni Bromante; 2. Brody Pope; 3. Eddie Fatscher; 4. Ashton Higgins; 5. Garrett Manes; 6. Braden Langille; 7. Sam Mayer; 8. Alex Verhagen; 9. Zack Wells; 10. Hailie Deegan; 11. Vincent Midas; 12. Roy Hayes; 13. Ryan Heim; 14. Harrison Halder; 15. Brett Suggs; 16. Alex McCollum; 17. Daniel Wilk; 18. Gracie Trotter; 19. Isabella Robusto; 20. Josh Stark; 21. Austin Geer; 22. Mason Magee; 23. Cole Keatts; 24. Sammy Smith.

AAA Carolinas Legend Car Semi-Pro (25 laps): 1. Tyler Truex; 2. Matt Mead; 3. Grant Winchester; 4. Craig Biryla; 5. Scott Joy; 6. Jack Fread; 7. Holden German; 8. Christopher Clanton; 9. Jessica Dana; 10. Andrew Harrah; 11. Tyler Audie; 12. Jordan Stillwell; 13. Josh Plummer; 14. Matt Moermond; 15. Carson Poindexter; 16. Jacob Heafner; 17. Gus Dean; 18. Nolan Pope; 19. Nick Landi; 20. Ryan Polenz; 21. Hudson Halder.

Legend Car Masters (25 laps): 1. Robby Faggart; 2. Mark Green; 3. Scott Mosley; 4. Carl Cormier; 5. Craig Bruce; 6. David Green; 7. Todd Midas; 8. Robby Woodall; 9. Jan Ingram; 10. Bruce Silver; 11. Dan Keaton; 12. Jamie Smith; 13. Jeff Lefcourt; 14. Timothy Sipes; 15. Danny Cisson; 16. Joel Carlyle; 17. Charles Parker; 18. Barry Kramer; 19. Robert Edwards; 20. Vernon Houseman; 21. Les Miranda.

In Light Wellness Legend Car Pros (25 laps): 1. Jordan Black; 2. Cameron Morgan; 3. Donny St. Ours; 4. John Holleman; 5. Kaden Honeycutt; 6. Stevie Johns Jr.; 7. Justin Ashley; 8. Dillon Spain; 9. Joey Padgett; 10. Austin Green; 11. Matthew Barnard; 12. Michael Torres; 13. Chase Purdy; 14. Dawson Cram; 15. Dillon Faggart; 16. Andrew Brown; 17. Donovan Ponder; 18. Alex Pacheco.

Monday's Results:
Legend Car Masters (25 laps): 1. Robby Woodall; 2. Robby Faggart; 3. Jan Ingram; 4. Carl Cormier; 5. Craig Bruce; 6. Bruce Silver; 7. Dan Keaton; 8. Danny Cisson; 9. Les Miranda; 10. Vernon Houseman; 11. Todd Midas; 12. Robert Edwards; 13. Charles Parker; 14. Chris Wood; 15. Jeffery Lefcourt; 16. Barry Kramer; 17. Jamie Smith; 18. Joel Carlyle; 19. Timothy Sipes; 20. Scott Mosley.

In Light Wellness Legend Car Pros (25 laps): 1. Jordan Black; 2. Chase Purdy; 3. Michael Torres; 4. Austin Green; 5. Stevie Johns Jr.; 6. Dillon Spain; 7. Kaden Honeycutt; 8. Donny St. Ours; 9. Dawson Cram; 10. Cameron Morga; 11. Alex Pacheco; 12. Matthew Barnard; 13. Andrew Brown; 14. John Holleman; 15. Dillon Faggart; 16. Joey Pacheco.

K1 Speed Legend Car Young Lions (20 laps): 1. Eddie Fatscher; 2. Giovanni Bromante; 3. Ashton Higgins; 4. Roy Hayes; 5. Vincent Midas; 6. Alex Verhagen; 7. Daniel Wilk; 8. Harrison Halder; 9. Hailie Deegan; 10. Ryan Heim; 11. Josh Stark; 12. Isabella Robusto; 13. Cole Keatts; 14. Gracie Trotter; 15. Mason Magee; 16. Austin Geer; 17. Brett Suggs; 18. Alex McCollum; 19. Zac Wells; 20. Sammy Smith; 21. Sam Mayer; 22. Brodie Pope; 23. Braden Langille; 24. Garrett Manes.

AAA Carolinas Legend Car Semi-Pro (25 laps): 1. Tyler Truex; 2. Gus Dean; 3. Ryo Ogata; 4. Grant Winchester; 5. Jacob Heafner; 6. Scott Joy; 7. Christopher Clanton; 8. Matt Mead; 9. Craig Biryla; 10. Nolan Pope; 11. Jordan Stillwell; 12. Ryan Polenz; 13. Jessica Dana; 14. Hudson Halder; 15. Dustin Rumley; 16. Tyler Audie; 17. Josh Plummer; 18. Andrew Harrah; 19. Nick Landi; 20. Carson Poindexter; 21. Matt Moermond; 22. Holden German.

Beginner Bandolero Bandits (20 laps): 1.. Caden Kvapil; 2. Benjamin Johnson; 3. David Sullivan; 4. Luke Cooper; 5. Santiago Hill; 6. Truett Miranda; 7. Tyler Bartosczewicz; 8. Carter Lee; 9. Adam Eades; 10. Logan Clark; 11. Olivia Moody; 12. Steve Mitch; 13. Grant Thompson.

Bandolero Bandits (20 laps): 1. Cameron Bolin; 2. Bryson Ruff; 3. Josh Kossek; 4. Stanley Hayes; 5. William Rubusto; 6. Josh Speas; 7. Kenneth Henderson; 8. Holt Halder; 9. Landon Rapp; 10. Jaiden Reyna; 11. Parker Eatmon; 12. Conner Jones; 13. Zack Miracle

Bandolero Outlaws (20 laps): 1. Tommy Good; 2. Matthew Davey; 3. Triston Lesik; 4. D.J. Canipe; 5. Isaak Love; 6. Justin Gareis; 7. Liz Montgomery; 8. Trey Tedrzak; 9. Gauntt Hudgins; 10. Jason Alder; 11. Jordan Plummer; 12. Matt Emery; 13. Austin Powell; 14. Garrett Lowe; 15. Cameron Johnson; 16. Jacob Gantz; 17. Blaise Maddox; 18. Roy Hayes; 19. Trevor Wester; 20. Dylan Notaro.

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