Tuesday night was all fun and games off the track during the “Night of Games” themed Cook Out Summer Shootout, but for drivers racing around the frontstretch quarter-mile, it was all business. When all the chips were down, it was Jensen Jorgensen and Mark Green who were big winners on the night, taking home two checkered flags in the Boston Reid & Co. Pro division and Masters division respectively.

Jorgensen only earned a hard-fought sweep by racing clean and passing three-time Pro Series champion Jordan Black with one lap remaining in the final feature of the night. The 25-lap affair saw Jorgensen, Black and points leader Landen Lewis pull away from the field early and never look back.

With Black setting the pace, Jorgensen waited for his opportunity to grab the lead and his second checkered flag of the night.

“I knew I had the car to win,” Jorgensen said. “I was trying to do it as clean as possible. I saw five to go and I thought, ‘Man, I’ve got to go.’ It felt good to beat him like that.”

Despite the same result, the caution-free race was in stark contrast to the rain-delayed Round 5 feature that was run earlier in the evening. That race was marred by five cautions in the first 12 laps, but a clean second half gave Jorgensen the opportunity to pull away on Lap 13, with Black again giving chase.

Veteran driver Mark Green also wheeled his way to victory lane in the 25-lap Masters feature twice on Tuesday, winning both his rain-delayed Round 5 showdown and an action-packed Round 6 slobberknocker.

In the night’s penultimate race, Green held off a hard charge from Robbie Woodall and Brandon McKenzie to earn the sweep.

Cook Out Summer Shootout continues with Round 7 on Tuesday, July 19. Classic Cruise-In Night presented by Hagerty and Streetside Classics at America’s Home for Racing features a full slate of Legend Car and Bandolero action. Everyone who cruises in with their classic car will receive one free entry into Round 7 and the opportunity to display the car on the concourse. Classics will also take part in a mid-race cruise-in along with legendary speedway’s frontstretch. Fans will vote on the best-in-show at the cruise-in, with a trophy being awarded to the winner.

Top 10 in each division of Tuesday’s races (unofficial results):

Beginner Bandoleros: 1.  Wyatt Coffey; 2. Jack Smith; 3. Jeffrey Beck; 4. Hendrick Case; 5. Camden Truett; 6. Kevin Stiene; 7. Kendall Stevens; 8. Aidan Zschiedrich; 9. Ava Grace Tobias; 10. Mason Roberts

Bandolero Bandits: 1. Ben Morabito; 2. Hudson Canipe; 3. Beckham Malone; 4. Darren Krantz Jr.; 5. Bryson Brinkley; 6. Colt Johnson; 7. LaQuan McCoy; 8. Rodney Dowless; 9. Owen Zacharias; 10. Mardy Roberts III

Bandolero Outlaws: 1. Hunter Jordan; 2. Olivia Murray; 3. Kaeden Ballos; 4. Neil Dullin; 5. Bobby Gossett; 6. Randy Phillips; 7. Atley Wiese; 8. Killiam McMann; 9. Ellie Gossett; 10. Finn Buckley

Young Lions: 1. George Phillips; 2. Joshua Dickens; 3. Sean McElearney; 4. Ethan Nascimenton; 5. Isaiah Newcomb; 6. Brody Gunter; 7. Carson Haislip; 8. Cassidy Keitt; 9. TJ Decaire; 10. London McKenzie

VP Racing Semi-Pro: 1. Jacob Staton; 2. Trevor Wester; 3. Dawson Sutton; 4. Andres Perez; 5. Justin Campbell; 6. Byron Daley; 7. Farron Laney; 8. Eloy Lopez; 9. Mason Lastra; 10. Jack Baldwin

Boston Reid & Co. Pro (Round 5 makeup feature): 1. Jensen Jorgensen; 2. Jordan Black; 3. Landen Lewis; 4. Parker Eatmon; 5. Landon Rapp; 6. Jake Waltman; 7. Ethan Norfleet; 8. Gavin Graham; 9. Justice Calabro; 10. Alex McCollum

Boston Reid & Co. Pro (Round 6): 1. Jensen Jorgensen; 2. Jordan Black; 3. Landen Lewis; 4. Alex McCollum; 5. Ethan Norfleet; 6. Justice Calabro; 7. Gavin Graham; 8. Jake Bollamn; 9. Sam Cornman; 10. Cameron Bolin

Masters (Round 5 makeup feature): 1. Mark Green; 2. Brandon McKenzie; 3. Dwayne Holder; 4. Carl Cormier; 5. Robby Faggart; 6. Lee Jordan; 7. Rusty Young; 8. Brandin Wrisley; 9. Robbie Woodall; 10. Tom Sherman

Masters (Round 6): 1. Mark Green; 2. Robbie Woodall; 3. Brandon McKenzie; 4. Dwayne Holder; 5. Lee Jordan; 6. Keith Newcomer; 7. Robby Faggart; 8. Rusty Young; 9. Tom Sherman; 10. Carl Cormier


CookOut Summer Shootout continues Tuesday, July 19. Entry is $10 for adults, FREE if you “cruise in” to the concourse with a classic car, and kids 12 and under are FREE. Tickets can be purchased at the gate, by calling 800-455-FANS or online at www.charlottemotorspeedway.com/tickets.


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