The "Boomerang Ninja" has his sights set on the Pennzoil AutoFair at Charlotte Motor Speedway. Logan Broadbent, the 2019 U.S. National Boomerang Championship winner known for his exploits on the hit television show "American Ninja Warrior," will thrill AutoFair attendees of all ages on Friday and Saturday by making boomerang throws and catches look effortless.

Broadbent's considerable accomplishments include being the youngest U.S. National Boomerang Team member to compete in world events at the age of 14 in 2012. While the average boomerang thrower can catch eyes with a 20-foot toss and catch, Broadbent can throw a boomerang the length of one and a half football fields and have it come right back to him.

To become the 2014 World Trick-Shot champion, Broadbent performed catches behind his back, under the leg and with his feet, as well as throwing two boomerangs at the same time - one with a hand and the other with a foot. Broadbent also starred in the popular YouTube channel Dude Perfect's viral video "Boomerang Trick Shots," which saw the Cleveland, Ohio, native catch a boomerang while performing a backflip, among numerous other feats of skill and dexterity.

            Broadbent's remarkable boomerang skills will be on display for AutoFair attendees on Friday and Saturday as part of a family-friendly cavalcade of fabulous cars, colorful hot rods and fun attractions.